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Google 'actively investigating' reports of Pixel 2 XL screen burn-in

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Security - 5 stories
Feds warn energy, aviation companies of hacking threats

Air traffic controllers may get a break from non-stop drone reports

Study says body cameras don't always change police behavior

New York City ordered to share code for DNA evidence software

Key e-mail from feds got caught in body-cam maker’s spam filter

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Microsoft - 2 stories
Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Arrives Early November

How Microsoft embraced 'messy’ creativity with Windows Ink

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Hardware - 12 stories
Are you in the market to buy an affordable smartphone?

Fitbit Ionic review: Good fitness tracker, passable smartwatch

The best DSLR for beginners

Samsung phone reportedly emits smoke on flight

3D tech used in bowel cancer surgery

Essential Phone is now a more reasonable $499

Ben Heck's oscilloscope throwdown

Finally the Nokia 3310 comes to USA priced $60

OnePlus 5T may be dropped for OnePlus 6 2018

iPhone 8 Plus vs Pixel 2: Which phone records better video?

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Google - 4 stories
Google aims to share revenue with news publishers

The 43 best Android games of 2017

Google's annual report shows more web traffic is encrypted

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Apple - 6 stories
Apple, Samsung to face off at another patent damages trial

iPhone X: An ugly deception?

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus: What's The Difference?

Apple invites Upgrade Program members to 'get a head start on your upgrade to iPhone X'

Apple gets sued over Animoji trademark

Apple's Upgrade Program offers a 'head start' on iPhone X

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Social - 6 stories
Several women accuse tech pundit Robert Scoble of sexual assault, harassment

Mind: How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media

Twitter explains why it takes time to roll out new safety rules

GitHub’s scandalized ex-CEO returns with Chatterbug

Antisocial media?

New Twitch tools help you become a pro streamer

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Science - 12 stories
Fiber optic lines can double as earthquake detectors

NASA Moon Probe Celebrates 100th Lunar Day

Evolution experiment has now followed 68,000 generations of bacteria

How Jane Goodall became Jane Goodall

Dive Australia's Great Barrier Reef with Netflix and Google

Here's What You Need to Know About That Fossil Teeth Discovery Said to 'Rewrite History'

Here's how we can help Mother Nature save the Great Barrier Reef

Artificial eye dominance may speed reading for people with dyslexia

9.7-million-year-old teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history

CO₂ benefits of regrowing forests nothing to shake a stick at

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Miscellany - 2 stories
Advertising: With Literary Support, Xerox Asserts Its Modern Relevance

Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent

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